Posted in October

Waiting Lists


In the post today I had a follow up letter from my neurologist. He is still hoping to get me admitted into my local hospital for treatment, however if the hospital does not want to take me on, he will put on the waiting list to be admitted into the National hospital for Neurology. The waiting list for the National is a year long.

I am in two minds over this. It would be easier for me to be in my local hospital, as it would mean quicker treatment, my family and friends would be able to visit easier, and its an environment that I know well. However if I was admitted into the National I would be on a ward that has treated many people like me, which gives me confidence in their treatment plan, and there is a chance that even if I have treatment at my local hospital, I will end up at the National hospital anyway, so maybe going there first would make sense.

I know that at the end of the day treatment is treatment, and I am so lucky to have seen such an understanding and helpful consultant. However waiting a whole year for treatment scares me, so with that in mind going into my local hospital is very appealing. After all how much more could go wrong in that time? But then again, nothing else may go wrong! On the other hand even if I have treatment at my local hospital, I may still have to wait to be admitted into the National. I know that at the end of the day that I will be happy just to get treatment, but the unknown over which waiting list is shorter is slightly scary.