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Occupational Therapist :-)


Well after arguing with countless people down the phone and battling with the NHS I am finally getting some help. Yesterday I had a visit from a rather lovely Occupational Therapist, who had seen Dystonia patients before. I was quiet happy she had chosen to come yesterday as  the dystonia alien had decided that I was not allowed to walk,move my fingers or see. She therefore witnessed my leg spasms cause me to fall, then my struggle to get up, she saw how often I would go blind, and how painful the whole thing was. This meant she could see just how much Dystonia affected my life and how much I struggled with doing the most basic things for myself.

She was extremely understanding and was quick to put forwards ideas that would help me in the house and with getting out the house. It was nice to have someone listen to me, who understood my condition, and really wanted to help make my life a little bit easier.