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Swimming In Relief


The title says it all. I am filled with relief. I have spent the last week hardly sleeping, overthinking and consumed with dread at today’s hospital appointment. Good news for a change though. I do not have MS! The Dr was uncertain as to whether the issue with my sight is being caused by inflamed optic nerves or inflamed retinas, she’s leaning more towards the problem being with my retinas. Because my left eye, which is my ‘good eye’ also shows signs of being affected I have been prescribed a 3 week course of steroids to help speed up the recovery process.

Emotionally I feel drained, and a lot of sleep needs to be caught up on but I am thrilled to know what’s going on with my body and that it can be sorted! This evening is being spent recuperating with Harry Potter, and dairyfree chocolate. What more can a girl want?!

I learnt many things from Harry Potter…this was one of them.


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  1. leejcaroll – I am the author of A PAINED LIFE, a chronic pain journey. As an advocate for women in pain awareness our support site is Women In Pain Awareness group!/groups/111961795481256/ , for women and men in pain and those that support them. My blog, THE PAINED LIFE, 30 years, and counting, of living with chronic pain. can be found at: I am also a certified hypnotherapist and educator in stress reduction, stage fright, and anti anxiety techniques.
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    Terrific news!

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