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Social Media Shocked By Attractive ‘Undateable’


Last night Channel 4 The Undateables aired again. How this show is still running is beyond me. Whenever it is on  social media is lit up with viewers making remarks that they deem to be humerous, but in reality are rude and disrepectful about the disability of the personality appearing.The shows title in itself represents the many issues with the show. As long as you label someone with a disability Undateable then how are you going to break down the barriers around it?

Today papers and social media are running mad with the fact that a young man on last night’s episode is a rather handsome chap. I’m sorry, but what?! Why is there an expectation in life that to be disabled you must be hideously disfigured, wheelchair bound etc. Some disabilities are invisible,  some of us appear ‘normal’. Shows such as The Undateables are doing very little to break down the barrier and stigma that surrounds people with health conditions of any type.

It is for this reason that I turned down their offer to appear on the show when they approached me; I sent them a detailed response explaining why, they replied by providing me with contact details for if I changed my mind. I stand by my decision now more than before especially after the response to lasts nights episode. It is appalling to see that society is shocked that disabled people can be attractive/Datable too!


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One thought on “Social Media Shocked By Attractive ‘Undateable’

  1. I can’t believe that anyone would want to appear on this type of show in the first place. Have they no self respect, or do they do it for money? I believe integrity, honesty, dignity and self respect are everything you should covet, and just be true to yourself and others. Having to endure years of treatment and humiliation at the hands of the NHS, You loose far too much of your dignity to your disabilities. Why anyone would leave themselves open for ridicule on this show on national TV is beyond comprehension.
    Relationships are complicated for lots of reasons, and a disability can make some people feel over sensitive and vulnerable. Ridicule due to insensitive and misunderstanding bigots does nothing for your self esteem, and can be extremely humiliating and hurtful. Not exactly what you need to boost your self confidence.
    I agree that you made the right decision when you declined their invitation. Keep your dignity, honesty, integrity and your self respect. It’s priceless, and compared with whatever they were willing to offer you, would be an insult!

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