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Jaw tremor


A few days ago my jaw tremor returned, it is an on/off tremor at the moment and the more I use my jaw the more it tremors. I am using a baby teething dummy to protect my teeth and tongue, however the pain it triggers when the tremor causes my bottom teeth to bang against the tooth it has loosened on my upper row of teeth or my tongue often triggers off a seizure.

As you can see from the video, it is not to extreme yet, so the Botox must still have some sort of hold over it, but not much. I cannot wait for Tuesday when I see my neurologist for more injections.



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  1. My jaw occasionally does that to but as far as my seizures I used to have grand mal seizures a few times a year from 16 till about five years ago and then suddenly five months ago every time I would stand my ears would ring and I’d get myoclonic jerks in my hands and soon after loose all muscle control and mass my body would just collapse on the ground. I didn’t loose consciousness those times but it took several minutes before I could stand again I would usually crawl so I don’t hit my head which I did years ago when I had a grand mal at work and fell back on a porcelain sink requiring stitches. But these new seizures were three to five times a day and falling really hurts after the fifth time. Only one time recently I had no auras a felt ok I went to take bath and my husband heard crash in bathroom and found me unconscious and naked wedged between the vanity and toilet I had no idea I didn’t get any pre seizure auras plus I was really embarrassed to add

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