Posted in September

Fingers crossed


After months of battling with the NHS I have finally received a date for an appointment with a neurologist up in London who specialises in movement disorders such as Dystonia. Im trying not to get my hopes to high as I have met many doctors who just are not able to treat me, but I am hopeful that this doctor shall 🙂 

Finally feel like I am heading in the right direction finally.   


I'm 27 years old, a mother, author, partner and spoonie. I suffer from Dystonia,POTS, EDS, Osteoarthritis and Lyme Disease. I have set up my blog to help spread awareness and bring light to this condition. This blog will be full of all my experiences that happen during my dystonia and chronic illness journey, from natterings, musings, moans, laughs, highs and lows. :-) It will be a little bit of everything

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