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Dystonia and Public Transport


Today I realised I had two rather important hospital appointments this coming week. Whilst neither of these appointments are dystonia related, the dystonia makes it damn near impossible to get to the appointments. To get to these hospitals, the appointment letters recommend that you use public transport as parking at the hospital and in the surrounding areas is extremely limited. At first this seemed just to be a mere annoyance, however this soon became a major issue.

Our town train station is not accessible by wheelchair, and the nearest one that is you must book 24 hours in advance to let them know that you will need a ramp, but yet it is even more of a struggle to get help getting off at the other end. Then factor in that the majority of the underground stations (including all the ones I needed to use) are not wheelchair friendly!

I have only been bound to a wheelchair since September 29th. Yes, I can hobble on my tip-toes, but this is only for a few steps  before the dystonia alien rears its ugly head, it is no-where near far enough to enable me to get on and off a train. We had been trying to avoid getting a blue badge, not for any particular reason, but we seemed to be managing to get the wheelchair and me in and out of the car OK  so there was no need for it.

I think it is disgusting that the public transport service has not been made wheelchair/disabled friendly!  What if I had no-one to drive me and I had no choice but to use public transport? Am I expected to pay money I do not have for an over priced taxi to London, which would easily cost me hundreds of pounds? I think this shall be yet another issue that needs to be added to my ever growing list of complaints!


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