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Chronic Aspiration


Today I had a meeting with speech and language to assess my ongoing difficulties with swallowing. Some days the issues fade into the background and are not to much of a problem, other times I struggle to swallow anything which has previously resulted in over a week in the hospital on IV fluids and having a temporary NG tube placed. I had no idea what to expect from the appointment as I’ve not met with speech and language before.

She came to my house, and was immediately met with Stefan and Evie talking a thousand miles a minute, both very curious over her PPE. We discussed my symptoms and long medication list and then she got down to examining me. She had a feel of my throat whilst I drank an ensure and picked up my usual spasms. While we were talking I was doing my usual post meal coughing, something that’s mild enough that I don’t really notice it, nor was I aware that my voice then became hoarse something my partner brought up.

The speech and language therapist explained what was happening was due to my spasms that I was aspirating during my meals. She’s arranging a barium swallow so they can get a look at the extent that this is happening. It also explains why I keep getting such bad chest infections; the last one left me needing two rounds of antibiotics and a course of steroids.

She mentioned the possibility of a PEG tube again, something that’s been circled around for a while, as well as refferal back to the dietitian. This will hopefully be after the barium swallow has been conducted as this should show what consistency of liquid will be best for me.

I’m feeling quite positive about it all after today’s meeting and will be hearing from her again in four week for an update.


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2 thoughts on “Chronic Aspiration

  1. dystoniajournal – I have myoclonic dystonia and was inspired by a blogger called 'Dystonia Muse' to start a blog. This will be about a lot more than my condition but life generally. I aim to write to inform, share and interest people whilst raising awareness of a little known condition
    dystoniajournal says:

    This blog really explained a lot to me. I have botox injections for my dystonia in my neck and shoulders and medications to control it and cough a lot sometimes during or after meals and have this repeated hoarse voice which is frustrating and also congestion on the chest. Now I have a word for at least some of this – ‘aspiration’.

    Now I can explain and understand rather than keeping accepting my partner’s comments that I eat too fast and always get colds!

    1. Hiya I’m so glad you found it helpful! I would definitely recommend asking for a referral to the speech and language therapy team as they will be able to help x

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